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Law School GPA calculator or CAS Law School GPA Calculator is used for calculating the school GPA and its hours according to the grade. Each column is for a different grading system, Like the Letter Grade, Percent %, Five-Point, Four-Passing, and the Three-Passing.

Most schools only use one grading system, so to calculate your law school GPA, you will probably only input your grades into one column.

If you transferred schools or took part in an exchange program, depending on the grading systems used in those schools, you may need to input into more columns. See Example Below or How-To Use

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Example: If your school uses a letter grade system, then you should only input all your grades under “Letter Grade”.

But if your school uses percentages grade, and you also did a semester abroad where they had a High Pass / Pass / Low Pass / Fail system, you would put most of your grades under “Percent” and the grades from abroad under “Three-Passing”.

CAS GPA Calculator

Law Schools

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Total Credits:

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How to use the Law School GPA Calculator

If your school uses only a letter grading system, and you were not transferred from any other school with a different grading system. Then you don’t have to worry about other columns, just input all grades under “Letter Grade“.

But if your school uses a percentage grading system, forget the rest column and use the Percent % column only. In the cases whereby you also did a semester abroad where they had a High Pass / Pass / Low Pass / Fail system, you would put most of your grades under “Percent” and the grades from abroad under “Three-Passing

Quick Notes: On CAS Law School GPA

  1. Punitive withdrawals count as “Fail“.
  2. In Pass/Fail courses, passes do not count, but fails DO count.
  3. For retaken classes, both the original and the retake grade count if they’re both on the transcript.
  4. Quarter credit hours only count as 2/3 of semester credit hours.
  5. Go to this page on LSAC’s site to see full guidelines.

FAQ On Law School GPA Calculator

How do law schools calculate GPA?

LSAC calculates GPA for law schools by converting your individual grades to a number in the same way that your college or university calculates it.
which is multiplying each of your grades by the number of credits you received in it, adding it all up, then dividing by the total number of credits.

What GPA do law schools look out for?

Let’s take a look at GPAs which are considered a good GPA for law school in popular law schools.
School   |   GPA 25th/75t   |   LSAT 25th/75th
U Penn   |    3.54 – 3.94   |   163-170
Michigan   |   3.57-3.89   |   164-170
Berkeley   |   3.66-3.88   |    164-168
Virginia   |    3.56-3.94   |   163-170
Duke   |   3.57-3.84   |   166-170
Northwestern   |   3.56-3.89   |   163-170
Cornell   |   3.68-3.87   |   163-168
Georgetown   |    3.52-3.89   |   161-168

What is a good LSAT score?

A perfect score on the LSAT is 180, and the lowest is 120. The average score of LSAT test takers is right around 150. But the LSAT score you need to get into law schools is generally above that average – and how much above depends on how selective of a school it is.

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