4.0 GPA Scale Calculator

Our easy-to-use 4.0 GPA calculator will help you calculate Semester GPA. With a 4.0 GPA scale calculator, you will get the results in seconds and have the advantage of reference anytime.

4.0 Grade Scale

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Instructions On How to Calculate Your GPA

Calculate your GPA within minutes with these 3 simple steps:


Select Your Credits


Select Your Grade


Click Calculate

4.0 GPA Scale Calculator

Step1. Select Your Credits hour

To start calculating your GPA, first select your credit hour for the course you want to calculate. For example, if you have earned A+ for a 4 credit hour course, then select 4 in the box next to the course name.

If you have more than four courses to calculate in each of your semesters, Just Click the Add Course button to add more courses.

And if you equally need to calculate your CGPA, you can click the Add semester button to Add another semester.

You may want to calculate your Weighted 5.0 GPA scale calculator.

Step2. Select Your Grade

You can select your current letter grade. To get your grade, you can ask your teacher or check your notice board to find it. Grades can range from A+ to an F. For each course, choose a letter grade from the drop-down menu.

Step3. Calculate your 4.0 GPA

After selecting your credits hours and grade click on Calculate button to get your GPA, make sure you are keeping record of the calculated GPA for reference for the next semester.

How To Calculate your CGPA

To calculate your CGPA for all your semesters, you need to click on the Add Semester button. And repeat and whole process again.

The semester GPA would keep updating at the bottom of the page as you keep adding your grade and Credit Unit.

While the CGPA will keep updating on the sticky round dark blue bar by the left.

Updating your GPA throughout the year will enable you to see if you are on track to reach your education goals.

The feedback you get when you figure out your CGPA score will let you know if you need to make adjustments in your study habits for assignments, reviews, and exams.

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FAQ On 4.0 GPA Calculator

What is the GPA?

GPA simply means Grade Point Average. That is a measure of a student’s academic achievement at a college or university; calculated by dividing the total number of acquired Grade Points by the total number of Course Unit received…

Why is GPA important?

Your GPA, or Grade Point Average, is a number that indicates how well or how high you scored in your courses on average. GPA scale between 0.0 and 4.0) during your studies and shows whether your grades have been high or low overall in your classes. This number is then used to assess whether you meet the standards and expectations set by the degree program or university.

Difference between GPA and CGPA

To understand the differences between GPA and overall CGPA, you must first know that they both refer to the average grades of a student. The difference is that the GPA covers shorter periods, like a term or a semester. While CGPA refers to the average grades obtained by a student throughout his entire academic experience.

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